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Non categorizzato / 5 October 2022

Eurofork wins Best Managed Companies Award 2022

For the third consecutive year, Eurofork is one of the 79 winning companies in the fifth edition of the Best Managed Companies Award, the prize for entrepreneurial excellence promoted by Deloitte Private, with the participation of ALTIS – Alta Scuola Impresa e Società dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ELITE-Gruppo Euronext and Piccola Industria Confindustria.

The winning companies stood out for outstanding success criteria such as ‘Strategy’, ‘Capabilities and Innovation’, ‘Commitment and Corporate Culture’, ‘Governance and Performance Measurement’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Supply Chain’ and ‘Internationalisation’. The jury was composed of experts like Fabio Antoldi, Professor of Business Strategy at ALTIS Università Cattolica; Renato Goretta, member of the National Presidential Council of Piccola Industria di Confindustria; Marta Testi, CEO of Elite-Euronext. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday 4 October at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of Borsa Italiana-Euronext.

“Congratulations to Eurofork for this important recognition,” declared Ernesto Lanzillo, Deloitte Partner and Deloitte Private Leader, and Andrea Restelli, Deloitte Partner and BMC Manager for Italy. “This edition, like the 2021 edition, took place in a difficult context, marked not only by the continuing effects of the pandemic but also by the irruption of a war scenario that had heavy repercussions on companies: from supply chain disruptions to the price of raw materials, from the energy crisis to the food crisis, with inflation rates reaching record levels. Even in this challenging context, the award-winning companies have shown the ability to adapt, have innovated and have continued to be a flagship of excellence, proving the strength and great potential of Made in Italy entrepreneurship’.