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/ 17 June 2022


On 5 December Eurofork was protagonist at the Campidoglio (Rome – Italy) to receive the “100 Italian Excellences” recognition with the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The award celebrates the 100 most deserving examples of excellence based on criteria as sustainability, economic growth, innovation, internationalization and brand reputation. Eurofork has been selected by an observatory composed of important academics and authoritative representatives of national institutions.

“In a globalized world where the continuous and frenetic growth of the competitive level forces companies to transform and innovate in order to remain on the market, the Excellence stands out from other deserving companies and managers in the ability to forecast and strategically guide towards new solutions, products and services following not only personal and business interests, but investing commitment, strength and character to grow and enhance the territory and people respecting others and remaining faithful to the principles of ethics even in difficulties.
The aim of 100 Italian Excellencies is to reward 100 protagonists of the best Italy, by virtue of the valuable contribution made by each of them to the growth of our country. Tell through the story of 100 Italian Excellencies the face of beautiful Italy, people, companies and organizations that through their work contribute and have helped to enhance the emblem of a distinctive brand recognized throughout the world.” – 100 Italian Excelleces organization

“I was in Warsaw for two days and now in Roma to receive two important awards both for me and Eurofork: National champion in the category Innovative company 0-25M€ in the European Business Awards competition and the award of 100 Italian Excellences. We are recognized as Italian Excellence for the industrial automation in logistics, for the expansion of our company in an extremely competitive market respecting standards of the ethics, employment, and local growth with innovative high cost – effective products.
It has been a proud to be awarded with other main Italian companies awarded in other business fields as Costa Crociere, Fendi, Terna, Poste Italiane and important personalities from the academic world.” – Maurizio Traversa, CEO Eurofork