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Non categorizzato / 19 October 2022

Eurofork awarded as Impresa Vincente 2022

Eurofork has been selected, for the second year in a row, among the 140 Imprese Vincenti 2022. The fourth edition, inspired by the growth lines of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, focuses on territories and development or business transformation projects that have enabled small and medium-sized enterprises to react successfully to the particularly tough moment.

The selection of the Winning Companies 2022 focused on performance indicators, assessed in consideration of the particular economic and social situation: the ability to invest in digital and transition 4.0, progressive adaptation to the sustainability criteria expressed by the ESG metrics, human capital enhancement, internationalisation, development of the supply chain and the link with the territory, and the ability of for-profit companies to create social impact by contributing to inclusive growth and the wellbeing of their territory.

Eurofork is proud to obtain this recognition once again, demonstrating that it is one of the companies that have implemented growth projects and contributed to the creation of value for the country and the labour market.