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Eurofork Group / 16 January 2024


PENTANOVA CS GmbH, a German system provider for intralogistics solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Eurofork S.p.A., known worldwide for its comprehensive range of automated warehouse handling solutions. This partnership marks a significant step in the field of warehouse automation and underlines the commitment of both companies to innovative and cost-effective material handling automation.

PENTANOVA CS GmbH plans, implements and supports customized complete solutions for a wide range of intralogistics sectors. Its service portfolio also includes comprehensive technical consulting for the development of intralogistics solutions and the implementation of entire intralogistics systems as a general contractor. The company brings decades of experience in the planning, development and implementation of individual material flow projects and uses its own reliable, highly efficient and proven products. A wide range of service solutions is also available to customers after completion.

Eurofork S.p.A., on the other hand, is globally recognized for its complete range of automatic handling solutions, including telescopic forks and E-SMARTFORKS for stacker-cranes, the ESMARTSHUTTLE pallet shuttle system and the innovative four-way E4SHUTTLE shuttle. With over twenty years of experience in the industry and a continuous drive for innovation, Eurofork is acknowledged as a leader in the field of automatic handling and is considered a “solution maker” by system integrators worldwide.

Maurizio Traversa, CEO of Eurofork S.p.A., enthusiastically commented on this collaboration: “We are proud that PENTANOVA Conveyor Systems GmbH has chosen Eurofork. PENTANOVA CS is a solid company that shares our commitment to always seek the best cost-effective solution. We will work to provide cutting-edge automation technologies that will enable companies to optimize their warehouse operations and achieve new levels of efficiency.”

Sebastiano Sardo, CEO of PENTANOVA CS GmbH, added: “We are pleased to cooperate with Eurofork globally in the future. We chose Eurofork as a strategic supplier because we are convinced that their advanced and reliable solutions add value to automated warehouses.”

Both companies share a strong culture of innovation and a commitment to quality and service excellence. This strategic partnership promises to bring significant benefits to the customers of both companies, helping them stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.

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