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E4SHUTTLE is the new multi-level and multi-depth four-way shuttle designed for all the automatic warehouses that need high-density storage

On-board artificial intelligence, know-how and international patents make E4SHUTTLE the ideal solution for optimising automation costs and offering maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

No-limits modularity and flexibility

The four-way moving capability allows for warehouse flexibility totally adaptable to your warehouse layout. In addition, it is possible to insert/remove shuttles with respect to your storage needs, optimising your investment without missing out on peak workloads.


With its international patent, Eurofork shuttle systems are the only ones that guarantee the absolute positioning of machines and pallet destinations of loads.

E4SHUTTLE 3D maps the entire warehouse, allowing machines to move and store goods with absolute precision, optimising channel space with compact pallet positioning.

Maximized storage volume

The E4SHUTTLE is designed to work with high flows and high intensity 24/7 maximising the storage volume of pallets, even of different sizes.

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