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ESMARTSHUTTLE is the pallet shuttle solution designed for high-intensity, multi-reference storage in automated warehouses and production buffers where accurate and reliable 24/7 performance is required.


Composed of E-SHUTTLE and E-SATELLITE, ESMARTSHUTTLE is designed to work at high throughput and high intensity 24/7.

Thanks to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection system and extreme flexibility, it is able to operate in new specific buildings as well as in pre-existing buildings, with structural impediments or with irregular layouts.


Bolstered by its international patent, ESMARTSHUTTLE is the only pallet shuttle system that guarantees the absolute positioning of the machines and the destination of the loads.

ESMARTSHUTTLE 3D maps the entire warehouse, allowing the machines to move and store the goods with absolute precision, optimising the space in the channels thanks to compact pallet positioning.


Absolute positioning and intelligent software management increase warehouse automation and performance: up to two ESMARTSHUTTLE can operate on the same aisle, with two satellites each.

The satellite’s latest generation lithium battery, which recharges in downtime, allows ESMARTSHUTTLE to take advantage of positioning with Datamatrix, confirming itself as the only pallet shuttle capable of regularly carrying out independent missions and significantly increasing performance in the warehouse.


ESMARTSHUTTLE is designed to maximise available space, working in automated warehouses of all sizes and in pre-existing buildings with height limits, structural impediments or irregular layouts.

Flexibility and modularity allow our pallet shuttle system to be fully scalable, optimising automation costs and maximising the performance of the entire warehouse.


Whether it is critical thermal conditions from -30 °C to +40 °C (-22 °F / 104 °F), different load sizes or heavier than the standard 1500 kg (3300 lb), the ESMARTSHUTTLE is designed to work in automated warehouses in any sector, guaranteeing high performance.


The WCS (Warehouse Control System), created specifically for ESMARTSHUTTLE, totally controls machines, batteries included, in addition to the possible management of conveyors and lifts in the warehouse.

Its dynamics allows it to adapt perfectly to customer needs, with an intuitive synoptic interface capable of managing and storing a vast amount of data for analysis and statistics.

The WCS can be fully integrated with any company ERP and WMS.

The innovation, reliability, product solidity and high market value of the system are guaranteed by the Smart Systems Integrated brand, the certificate issued directly by the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS)

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