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E4CUBE by Eurofork is a standard but flexible plug-and-play pallet shuttle warehouse for system integrators.

Operational in just six months, E4CUBE seamlessly integrates into existing spaces, offering versatility in configurations while minimizing bottlenecks.

With E4SHUTTLE, the high-tech core of the E4CUBE, Eurofork merges unparalleled features in storage and retrieval activities, showcasing among others, patented technologies like Absolute Positioning, Safe Access, and Blockchain-enabled Traceability.

Plug-and-Play solution

Thanks to its flexibility, E4CUBE® can be easily configured using standard modules, simplifying the process of adapting to various needs.

Go-Live in 6 months

With E4CUBE®, the wait is short. From order to full operational status in just 6 months, ensuring a quick implementation and a smooth transition to Go-Live

Cost efficiency

E4CUBE® ensures up to 50% savings on total ownership cost. It’s leasable without the need for upfront payment, ensuring immediate accessibility, and provides a significant ROI

CO2 offsetted

E4CUBE® neutralizes its environmental impact through certified carbon credits, actively contributing to the fight against climate change

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