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Battery Swap

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Battery Swap

We continuously strive to achieve a sustainable future faster with zero emissions through what we do best: moving loads automatically. After years of tests and collaborations with Dianba New Energy Technology and INFRAMobility-Dianba, we have designed and created forks and shuttles dedicated to battery swap in the e-mobility sector. Our handling devices have been integrated into the fully automated system for electric car battery swaps.

The electric car charges in just 20 seconds

Our patented forks and shuttles are integrated into fully automated Battery swap stations, similar to car washes.

Long waiting times for charging via columns are eliminated: in just a few seconds, the car is lifted in the Battery swap stations and, while one shuttle releases the dead battery from the car, the second shuttle hooks up another fully charged one, allowing the car to restart with full autonomy in just twenty seconds.


Fast battery swap
• System flexibility for all vehicles;
• Suitable for urban and extra-urban contexts;
Facilitation of sustainable and scalable infrastructures;
• Promotes integration of dedicated HUBs and energy communities;
• Centralised electric battery management.
• Dedicated to intensive car use (taxis, fleets, car sharing).


Future smart cities already exist: over 600 systems are operating in major Chinese cities, eliminating the problems of long waiting times for recharging.

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