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Non categorizzato / 29 January 2020



This year Eurofork celebrates twenty years of activity, an important milestone in a path started in 2000 by the intuition of the three founding members and continued over the years thanks to the precise ambition of making Eurofork one of the leading manufacturers of Handling Devices in the intralogistics automation panorama.

From the production of telescopic forks for handling pallets and packages inside automatic warehouses, over the years Eurofork has developed its business thanks to important investments and an intense activity in Research and Development, offering a wide range of advanced solutions on the international market.

The first twenty years of Eurofork have not only led to economic and business growth, but also to a series of national and international awards: after winning the title of national champion at the European Business Awards in 2016, one of the most important European business competitions, in 2018 it was recognized among the five finalists at the Italian Mechatronics Award.

Eurofork’s 2019 was the year of the second victory at the European Business Awards as national champions, the nomination of “Champions of Growth 2020” by the German Institute of Quality and Finance and the recognition among the “100 Italian Excellencies”, the award sponsored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and dedicated to the most deserving examples of excellence.

Today Eurofork, which became a S.p.A. in 2018 and entered in the ELITE program of Borsa Italiana, is a well-established reality on the international market as a first level manufacturer of high-quality handling devices and as a reference point for innovative mechatronic solutions.

Precisely in the year of its twentieth anniversary, Eurofork will give itself a new headquarter to host a company that is cutting-edge in every detail: sensible to environmental sustainability and active in the social for the enhancement of the territory, will be the basis for a system of corporate welfare for the benefit of all employees.

The first twenty years of Eurofork are certainly an important milestone, an experience gained that allows the company to continue to improve day after day, always looking to the future to continue its process of constant evolution.