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StackerSAT is the satellite designed to work in multi-deep warehouses equipped with stacker lifts at high intensity and large throughput.

Telescopic Forks StackerSAT Battery Swap


The latest generation lithium batteries ensure continuous operation, guaranteeing multiple machines to work 24/7 with the same stacker crane.


StackerSAT positioning can be determined using the internationally patented Datamatrix solution, or with traditional technologies, such as encoders and photocells.


StackerSAT is programmed to manage, even in the same channel, different stock keeping units (SKU) and loads of different sizes, without any cycle interruption.


StackerSAT is able to work optimally with both LIFO (Last In First Out) and FIFO (First In First Out) logic.


Eight drive wheels allow uniform traction and great stability, even during the transfer to the stacker lift cradle.


Standard: for standard pallets with loads up to 1500 kg (3300 lbs) and temperatures up to +50° C (122° F).

Freezer: Perfect for working in warehouses with sub-zero temperatures, maintaining optimal performance up to a temperature of -30° C (-22° F).

Narrow: for handling pallets with smaller dimensions than the most commonly used worldwide.

2 Tons: More robust than the normal StackerSAT, it is capable of lifting loads up to a weight of 2 tons (4,400lb).

The innovation, reliability, sturdiness and high market value of the system are guaranteed by the Smart Systems Integrated brand, the certificate issued directly by the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS)

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