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Eurofork / 10 October 2017

StackerSAT – Shuttle for stacker cranes

Dear readers, During CeMAT Asia 2017, that is taking place in these days in Shanghai, you can see this new entry in our products  portfolio.

To offer a complete range of products to System Integrators, Eurofork has developed a shuttle ideal for those warehouses where stacker crane is still the most suitable solution. To guarantee the stability of the Storage Unit during the transfer between machines and rack, StackerSAT has 8 wheels drive. Power supply is provided by 48V latest generation lithium battery which can guarantee 24/7 operations thanks to charging stations positioned on the stacker crane’s frame. It is not required to replace the discharged battery neither to stop the machine for recharge (that usually takes place in masked time).

One of the main features of the system is the use of components characterized by high level of reliability and worldwide availability. This choice, combined with a strong standardization, makes easy and economical the machines’ maintenance.