• SD180
  • SD180
  • SD180

This type of single deep forks has the same characteristics of the previous mentioned models. Its higher dimensions permits to handle higher storage units than standard EPAL: a complete set of SD180 forks can load up to 1900 kg maintaining low deflection values. It is mainly offered to handle non standard storage units.

Length (L) and strokes (S) can be customized following Customer's requirements.

SD180 products are covered by international patent.

Technical details 
SD180X85180 mm85 mm
SD180X95180 mm95 mm
SD180X100180 mm100 mm
SD180X130180 mm130 mm

High reliability and positioning accuracy

Optimized dimensions

High inertia / reduced deflection value

Easy maintenance activity

Common spare parts for SD fork type

Completely customizable


Transfer station

Aerospace application

Chain Conveyor

Lift system

Variable Fork to Fork distance

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