• SD200 & DD220 & DD225
  • SD200 & DD220 & DD225
  • SD200 & DD220 & DD225
  • SD200 & DD220 & DD225

Telescopic forks belonging to this family are used to handle small storage units, such as plastic or cardboard boxes. “M” letter in the fork’s code means “miniload”: the maximum load of these forks is 150 kg. The reduced vertical dimensions (32 or 40 mm in single deep and 60 or 80 mm in double deep) of the forks makes them extremely versatile. These forks differ from the next miniload models (SD120, SD130) for their reduced vertical dimensions.

Length (L) and strokes (S) can be customized following Customer's requirements.

SD200, DD220 and DD225 product are covered by international patent.

Technical details 
SD200X32M200 mm32 mm
SD200X40M200 mm40 mm
DD220X31X60M220 mm60 mm
DD225X42X80M225 mm80 mm

High reliability and positioning accuracy

Small size and lightweight

Reduced deflection value

Easy maintenance activity

Reduced cycle times

Lower noise level during operations

Completely customizable

Miniload AS/RS




Lift system

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