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Awards / 13 June 2024

Eurofork Wins the Welfare Index PMI 2024 Award for the Second Time: A Recognition of Excellence in Corporate Welfare

We are proud to announce that Eurofork is among the 142 Italian SMEs awarded the prestigious Welfare Index PMI 2024 prize, marking the second time the company has received the highest rating of 5W.

This recognition is promoted by Generali Italia, under the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and with the participation of the main Italian confederations: Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Confprofessioni, and Confcommercio.

The Welfare Index award, dedicated to SMEs (with 6 to 1,000 employees), aims not only to promote and assess the culture of corporate welfare in our country but also to encourage a cultural shift towards greater awareness and integration of welfare within companies.

The award is the result of a survey conducted by Innovation Team, the market research unit of MBS Consulting – Cerved Group, which analyzes the spread of corporate welfare in Italian SMEs.

The Welfare Index PMI model is divided into ten welfare areas and three measures: initiative index, management capacity, and social impact. Each company is evaluated according to this index, with a maximum score of 100.

This important recognition confirms Eurofork’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life and well-being not only of its employees but also of their families and the community.

Maurizio Traversa, CEO of Eurofork, states: “The issue of Corporate Welfare is of great importance to us at Eurofork, especially as a Benefit Company. Every year we promote activities and services to enhance the quality of our employees’ working lives.

We are committed to creating a stimulating and healthy work environment by offering areas dedicated to leisure and team building, such as the Padel court, relaxation areas, and the company gym. Additionally, we support the balance between private life and work through the implementation of smart working, flexible hours, and agreements with local businesses for discounted services such as nurseries, gyms, and swimming pools.

We are proud to be recognized for our efforts and will continue to invest in corporate welfare to create an increasingly positive and sustainable work environment”.

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